'Rupert combines an infectious enthusiasm for ancient Greece and its wider Mediterranean setting with a serious knowledge of its languages and cultures. Since Byzantium is one of his specialisms, he manages to link the distant past to to the contemporary present with an apparently effortless ease. He has accumulated a deep mine of information on the most unlikely aspects of a vast historical panorama which impresses as much as it fascinates his audience.' Professor Judith Herrin, King's College, London

‘Rupert Smith is a brilliant teacher of Greek and Greek culture. He has inspired people who have gone on to be some
of our best Oxford classicists, although they had had little teaching in the subject before Rupert changed their horizons.’
Robin Lane Fox, Fellow of New College,Oxford

‘We swam, we dallied, we ate a lot, we walked. In the evenings the teens went out and made their own entertainment. Rupert never bit off more than they could chew, was continuously sensitive to their energy and information levels and knew just what to say to amuse them at every turn. Like the piper of Hamlin they followed him, asking to know more
even when he was reading Euripides, Aeschylus, Homer or Herodotus. These things do not usually happen.’

‘I would recommend Rupert as a guide to anyone, of whatever age. His good humour and modesty disguise a depth
of planning which ensured that no one ever felt that he/she was being made to go anywhere or look at anything. His encyclopaedic knowledge ensured that every question, whether architectural or textual or merely culinary, was effortlessly answered. We all hope to go somewhere (anywhere!) with him again next year.’

‘Charming, fun, and a mine of information, Rupert was brilliant at making us aware of Albania's present day culture at the same time as its ancient heritage.’

‘We were not expecting Albania's wild beauty, rugged mountains and endless, unspoilt coastline, nor the range of antiquities that we visited without a hint of another tourist. Less surprising, but no less enjoyable, was Rupert's ability
to have found so many magical tucked away places and his vast knowledge (always lightly worn but generously
shared) of history and culture.’

‘Before the trip we discussed with Rupert the route, what texts the teenagers were reading and what our budget was.
He organized every detail for us with huge efficiency and off we went. It all felt so easy. Arriving in new places to a warm welcome from hoteliers pleased to see the return of Mr Rupert; delightful swimming in the autumn sea; no panics, no instructions, no lectures. We all learned to love the Greek world seen through Rupert’s eyes. His knowledge is vast but lightly worn, imparted with such humour and charm that the teenagers were happy to follow him anywhere, and so
were we. ‘

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