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This course has been arranged to coincide with the a week of religious festivities in the village of Prokopi, which begins with a festival at the village church and ends with gathering of Roma in the village with all the colour and music which that entails. In the mornings we will study the history of Byzantium through its art, literature and history; in the afternoons we will be active, either walking or swimming or visiting local sites; and in the evening there will be an opportunity to learn the Greek language, both ancient and modern, before dinner.

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May 21st

Arrive: introduction and orientation
Introduction to Greek language

May 22nd

Morning: Constantine and the formation of Christendom. Orthodox practice.

Afternoon: visit to the festival of St Constantine and St Helen at the village church

Evening: Greek language

May 23rd

Morning: Justinian. The art of Ravenna.

Afternoon: mountain walk

Evening:  Greek language

May 24th

Morning: Orthodox religious art and iconoclasm

Afternoon: beach visit

Evening: visiting lecturer: Byzantium and Islam

May 25th

Morning: Byzantium and the west: schisms and Crusades

Afternoon: visit to the monastery of Agios Nikolaos

Evening: dinner in the port village of Limni

May 26th

Morning: The end of Byzantium: the sack of Constantinople

Afternoon: preparation of presentations

Evening: presentations

May 27th

Morning: Roma, Vlachs and Slavs: minorities in Greece

Afternoon: Roma festival in village

Evening: Roma festival in village

May 28th

Visit to the monastery of Osios Loukas

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