Rupert Smith - The Evia School

Rupert Smith, the director of the Evia School, has degrees in Classics and Byzantine Studies from Oxford and London respectively. He taught Classics in England for seven years and in America for four, before moving to southern Albania to run a foundation involved in the excavation and conservation of archaeological sites. He has travelled to all corners of Greece over the past 25 years, from Mount Athos to the Mani and from Patras to Patmos, as well as to all the other countries of the central and eastern Mediterranean.

His intention at the Evia School is twofold: firstly to create an environment in which students of classics can broaden their understanding of the subject by exploring beyond their school texts and by being in Greece and experiencing Greek culture in all its varied forms; and secondly to offer everyone the opportunity to learn about the culture and language of Greece, either for its own sake or as a prelude to a trip around the country.




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