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This tour includes all the major classical sites and museums in Athens and the Peloponnese as well as Delphi. It also takes in monuments from the Mycenaean period and the later Byzantine period so it will give you a good overview of ancient and medieval Greek history. As ever on Evia School trips, there is plenty of swimming and walking included in the itinerary.

Day 1 Fly to Athens. Drive straight from the airport to Delphi. Arrive in time to visit the site at sunset. Stay in Delphi.

Day 2 Take an early morning walk up Mt Parnassos. Then visit the museum at Delphi. Drive south, stopping at the 11th century Monastery of Osios Loukas and the 5th century fortress at Eleutherai on the way. Stop for a swim by the ruins of the Heraion at Perahora if time. Stay near the Venetian port town of Nafplion.

Day 3 Visit the citadel of Mycenae, legendary home of Agamemnon, and Tiryns, where Heracles received his Labours. Picnic at the Argive Heraion, the remains of the greatest sanctuary to Hera in Greece, overlooking the plain of Argos. Swim in sea in the late afternoon. Stay near Nafplion.

Day 4 Early visit to the sanctuary of Asclepios at Epidavros and particularly the theatre, the biggest and best preserved theatre in the Greek world. Drive south to Sparta. Visit the Menelaion, the ‘tomb’ of Menelaus and Helen, overlooking the Eurotas valley, and the Sparta Archaeological Museum. Walk in the Taygetos mountains in the late afternoon. Stay near Mystras.

Day 5 Visit the churches and monasteries of Mystras, the ruined Byzantine hill-town near Sparta. Drive over the Taygetos mountains to Pylos on the west coast. Visit the site of ancient Messene on the way. In the afternoon swim at Voidikilia beach where Odysseus’ son Telemachus arrived in The Odyssey and climb up to the castle above the beach in the afternoon to look down on the bay of Pylos, the site of two major sea-battles fought two millenia apart. Stay near Pylos.

Day 6 Visit the Mycenaean site known as Nestor’s Palace in the morning and the charming small museum in the neighbouring village of Chora. Lunchtime picnic and swim at local waterfalls. Then drive up the west coast to Olympia, visiting the temple of Apollo Epikourios at Vassai (Bassae)on the way. Stay in a village near Olympia.

Day 7 Visit the site of Olympia, situated at the confluence of the Alpheios and Kladeos rivers, and its museum, which contains some of the masterpieces of ancient Greek art. Drive east through Arcadia, stopping for a picnic and swim at the river Ladon, and arrive back in Athens in the late afternoon. Stay in Athens.

Day 8 In the morning visit the Acropolis, the new Acropolis Museum and then have lunch in the Plaka, the old town of Athens below the Acropolis. In the afternoon visit the National Archaeological Museum. Leave Athens on the early evening flight.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss or plan this tour at info@theeviaschool.com

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